On June 20, 2017, I started my in-home child care with the name “In-Home Child Care by Stacie” then on July 1, 2017 we changed the name to FIRST STEP FAMILY CARE. Here at FIRST STEP FAMILY CARE your child will receive high quality care in a loving “home-like” environment. With more than 26 years in child care and more than 20 of them being in a center I have the knowledge and experience of both situations to make the most of your child’s first step in their academic career.

I have a single-family home with large yard to play in. Outside we have a large wooden playset, sandbox, balls, and much more for outside activity. On the inside, we have 2 areas dedicated to the children I care for as well as several “shared” areas that the children have access too. Inside we have several “stations” the children can choose from including books and puzzles, music, pretend play, Legos, cars and trucks, art, and dress-up and much more.

I believe children should learn by play and exploring their world. There are many teachable moments in a child’s day. A child’s mind and body should be engaged as much as possible. Every day your child will receive a schedule of age appropriate activities to stimulate their mind and imagination including learning “school readiness” skills (like colors, shapes, numbers, letters, etc.), art time, story time, nutritious meals/ snacks, and nap/ quiet time to re-energize those bodies and minds.

Stacie Nagtegaal – I am a wife to Marc and a mother to one well-mannered, friendly, happy little boy. Ever since I can remember child care has always been important to me. At age 12 I took babysitting classes and began babysitting children as young as one. As soon as I was old enough I got my working papers and began working in a child care center. I worked in 2 less desirable centers where I learned what NOT to do. In 1997, I began working at UNDER THE SUN in Stratford, NJ. This school taught me the right way to care for children. I worked in several rooms including in the infant room for 2 ½ years as head teacher and the Pre-K room for 16 years as head teacher, I also worked in the toddler room and the 3’s room. I graduated from Camden County College with an Associate’s Degree in Elementary Education and I’m Red Cross CPR and First Aid certified. After 20 years at Under the Sun I decided it was time to offer the parents and children around my house the experience and knowledge I have gained. It was a hard decision but the right decision and that’s when FIRST STEP FAMILY CARE began.

Marc Nagtegaal– I am the husband of Stacie and the father of our son. My main career is as a computer network engineer so I’m often on the road but I have always had a love for children. I am calm and loving. When I am in the house with your children you will find me showing them my other passion- music. You may even hear me playing the guitar for the children or showing the children the computer.

Diane White– I am the mother to Stacie and mommom to my awesome grandson. Let’s just say I have 43 years of experience caring for children. I will not be at the house everyday but on days where Stacie needs an extra set of eyes (or I want some extra hugs ?) I will be there to love and care for your children.

Kelly White– I am sister-in-law to Stacie (although we are more like sisters ?) and aunt to my cute nephew. I have always loved children and have had many years of experience with babysitting. I also have 2 children of my own (ages 10 and 18.) I also will not be at the house everyday but will occasionally be there to love and care for your children.